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Smoking Pipes Depot is your one stop shop for your smoking passion. We are dedicated to your satisfaction in all aspects of the buying process, product quality. and delivery. Our products are shipped within two days, shipped USPS with Tracking numbers in a discreet package with A. Steele Co as the return address. Our product selection changes often as we are in a constant search for the latest and greatest products in the Smoking Pipe industry and the accessories that support your passion. We have one page that reflects our Reviews, and is updated automatically from a 3 party to reflect the most current reviews. Also, we just started offering reviews of our products, that is why you will not see many, but they are from customers that have bought and used their Pipes and our other offerings and been kind enough to offer their experience. See our build your own Pipe page to construct your very own pipe. It is one of our most popular pages, and we continue to upgrade with new pipe parts. There are hundreds of thousands possibilities with the pipe parts we offer. If you ever need help in designing your pipe just let us know. Or take a look at the Metal Pipes we offer to get an idea of what is possible. We used to accept pay pal, but their policy does not allow us to accept pay pal, although all of our products are legal, they have their morality police on staff. They think that they can limit your access to the products that serve you.