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Cloud Vaporizer Herb Vape

The Cloud Vaporizers / Vape Listed are backed by full manufacturers warranty. We ship in 2 - 5 Days and will arrive USPS Priority. We have secure servers and exchange zero customer information.


5" Pen Vaporizer 1.6ml Capacity

Ref: EC122

NUvapeFUN Personal Vaporpen V4, Clearmizer: Ten Wicks Support Huge Vapor, 1.6ml e-liquid, Battery 650mAh- 300 times recharge. USB charger included, www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu_RwFwgIJ0

Price: $12.95

Cloud Platinum

Cloud Platinum

Ref: platblu

The New Cloud Platinum Vaporizer features a slimmer design for even better vaporizing experience.
For the ultimate vaporizing experience it is recommended to be used with essential oils only.
The pen consists of three pieces. A mouthpiece with a window, a Platinum Tornado Atomizer and a fast rechargeable battery.
Your cloud will arrive with a retractable usb charger a Cloud Tool.

High Quality Coil: approximately 40% improved heating capacity compared to the most traditional heating coil materials
Stable Voltage: Precicesly calculated stable voltage for the best vaporizing experince
Long power reserve : 24-48 hours depending on usage, Lifetime warranty on the battery and full customer support
Lighter overall product weight, Comes in Black, White, Blue, Red, Green

Price: $59.95

CloudV Case

CloudV Case

Ref: CloudCase

Introducing our newest Cloud Carrying Case. Fits any Cloud, USB charger, Dabbing tool and even a small container.

Price: $14.99

Cloud Necklace Black

Cloud Necklace Black

Ref: CloudNeck

Cloud necklace black. Black leather carrying pocket that fits your cloud vaporizer perfectly. Carry your cloud with style !

Price: $6.99