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Premium Hardwood and Rainbow Wood Pipes

Premium Wooden Rainbow Smoking Pipes

Come see our selection of Premium Wooden Rainbow Pipes and Premium Hardwood Pipes and Pipe Accessories. We ship in 2 - 5 Days and always go with 2 Day Priority Mail (glass pipes) where available. We have secure servers and exchange zero customer information.
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Email our Staff Direct at smokingpipesdepot@yahoo.com

Total Shipping Charge is $6.95. Order all you want for the same cost.


3" Premium Hardwood Tobacco Pipe

Price: $13.00

Ref: PHW09


4" Premium Hardwood Tobacco Pipe

Price: $8.50

Ref: PHW03

Pipe Screens

Price: $2.00

Ref: 453


4" Wood Pipe with Lid

Price: $8.95

Ref: WD502

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