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Mystica Portable CBD Vaporizer

Mystica Portable CBD Vaporizer

Ref: vp301

Introducing the Mystica Portable CBD Vaporizer. This device is the perfect pairing for your Disposable CBD Cartridges. Portable and discrete, the Mystica elegantly fits your cartridge with a magnetic threading. It also comes with an empty cartridge if you intend to fill your own. Battery: Internal 650mAh
Delrin Drip Tip and Magnetic Connection on Atomizer
360 degree leak proof design
Super Discrete and Portable
Quick Recharge

Price: $18.95


5" Pen Vaporizer 1.6ml Capacity

Ref: EC122

NUvapeFUN Personal Vaporpen V4, Clearmizer: Ten Wicks Support Huge Vapor, 1.6ml e-liquid, Battery 650mAh- 300 times recharge. USB charger included, www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu_RwFwgIJ0

Price: $12.95

14mm Dab Nectar Collector 5pcs Set

14mm Dab Nectar Collector 5pcs Set

Ref: EC124

Nectar Collectors Kits with Titanium Nail 14mm Grade 2 Titanium Mini Glass Pipe Oil Rig Honey Straw Concentrate Honey Dab Straw Mini Glass Bong.

Price: $39.95