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SEAL-N-WEIGH Kitchen Scale and Bag Sealer Combo by American Weigh Scales

SEAL-N-WEIGH Kitchen Scale and Bag Sealer Combo by American Weigh Scales


Capacity 2000g, 4.4lbs, 70.5oz
Readability 0.2g
Calibrates With 2000g
Weighing Units g, kg, tl, ct, oz, lb
Display Size 2 x 1 in.
Platform Size 4.75 in.
Dimensions 6 x 14 x 3 in.
Operating Temp 50°F to 86°F
Power 2 x AAA or AC-Adapter (included)

Price: $154.95

Product Info

2 3/4

2 3/4" Spark Plug Pipe w/screen

Ref: MP-134

Looks like a real spark plug

Price: $4.50

Car Lighter Zepelin Metal Pipe W/Screen

Car Lighter Zepelin Metal Pipe W/Screen

Ref: MP-129

Price: $4.50


5" Skeleton Bone Pipe

Ref: sp1688

Great Looking Novelty Item, Not for Smoking but conversation

Price: $6.99

14mm Dab Nectar Collector 5pcs Set

14mm Dab Nectar Collector 5pcs Set

Ref: EC124

Nectar Collectors Kits with Titanium Nail 14mm Grade 2 Titanium Mini Glass Pipe Oil Rig Honey Straw Concentrate Honey Dab Straw Mini Glass Bong.

Price: $22.95


5.75" Honeycomb Dome & Nail Dab WP (10mm)

Ref: WP458

It features a green/Blue HoneyComb percolator that breaks up and filters the smoke, creating a silky smooth toke.

Price: $14.96


5" Evil Eye

Ref: SP1281

Way Cool Pipe, Its hard to take your "eye" off of it, especially when its looking at you, Deep Subtle colors and designs, Very smooth mouth piece

Price: $17.50


4.25" Headstand

Ref: SP1598

Beautiful Colors, Rod Work in Glass, Weights Approx 80 Grams

Price: $10.95


6.5" Camel Bubbler Green

Ref: BU-535G

Beautiful colored glass, Heavy weighs between 190 and 205 Grams, two chambers for Water, Double cool on Hits and Looks

Price: $20.97


5" Pen Vaporizer 1.6ml Capacity

Ref: EC122

NUvapeFUN Personal Vaporpen V4, Clearmizer: Ten Wicks Support Huge Vapor, 1.6ml e-liquid, Battery 650mAh- 300 times recharge. USB charger included, www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu_RwFwgIJ0

Price: $12.95

Custom 50

Custom 50

Ref: custom50

Keep an eye on these or they will end up in your freinds pocket, Built on a Heavy Base these upright pipes fit nice in your hand,45' Angle bowl and Mouth Piece make it Easy to smoke, Nice smooth Acrylic Mouth Piece and Chamber, The bowls in our Build your own section fit on these 4"L x 5.75"T
Build Your Own Custom Pipe

Price: $18.00

Color Choices

Custom 57

Custom 57

Ref: custom57

These are real Beautie's, Remember those candy bars you could only eat half and saved the rest for later, Well these will put you down Twice, I call them the "Now and Later", Load both bowls the second bowl acts like a Carb hole, nice smooth mouth piece, very comfortable to smoke 5.25"L x 1.75"T
Build Your Own Custom Pipe

Price: $14.65

Color Choices


Vpuf - The Go Anywhere Pipe

Vpuf - The Go Anywhere Pipe

Ref: Vpuf

Take them anywhere, Airport- Federal Building- Police Dept-Even the Whitehouse. The size of a Credit Card, these are Great, can be used more than once, Whats in your Wallet?

Price: $1.75

Glass Screens  Sold Each

Glass Screens Sold Each

Ref: BS-5

Sold Each, If your tired of metal screens these are great, Just drop one in the Bottom, I won't go back to metal screens after using one, there really Great in glass pipes and Cone Bowls
Select Quanity , Add To Cart On Bottom of Page

Price: $0.50



8" - 10" Acrylic Bong Water Pipe

Ref: wp300

Dimension : Various height (around 8-10"), Diameter 1.5"
Color : Various color assortments. Metal Tube and Removable Cone Bowl, Any Bowl from our Build Your Own will Screw onto down stem, Screw on a Jumbo Bowl for you Parties

Price: $17.99

Color Choice



Ref: GRND011

This Electric Tobacco Shredder is perfect for shredding all of your tobacco, or even any legal smoking herbs you might have lying around. This high-powered shredder can handle up to 50g of herbs or tobacco, and you can even blend them together at the same time to create your own custom blend. 7" Tall

Price: $21.90

Glass Bowl, slide and Grommet  for  Water Pipes!

Glass Bowl, slide and Grommet for Water Pipes!

Ref: Bowl/Slide Combo

Bowl Stem 4" OVL x 10mm W/O-ring, Slide Tube 3 3/4" OVL x 7/16", Grommet fits in 5/8" Hole- Build Your Own Water Pipe

Price: $7.95

Wax Container (40mm)

Wax Container (40mm)

Ref: ot137

Price: $3.99


8" Glass Hot Stick w/oil Spoon

Ref: ot124

Price: $3.99


4" Fossil

Ref: sp1426

No picture will do these Justice, Gorgous Heavy 135 Grain with Unreal Glass Work

Price: $19.95

Rasta Metal Pipe

Rasta Metal Pipe

Ref: MP127

2" Threaded Nipple with Rasta Color plastic insert! Complete with Screen, Sold Each 3"L x 1.5"T
Build Your Own Custom Pipe

Price: $4.95

I phone Cover Battery (500g x 0.1g)

I phone Cover Battery (500g x 0.1g)

Ref: SC147

AUto off / Easey to read backlit LCD / Auto Calibration / Full Tare Capacity / CR2032 batteries

Price: $16.95


2.5" - 2.75" MultiColor Ribbon

Ref: SP-157

Sharp Looking Pipes Assorted Colors, Our Choice

Price: $3.99

Canna Fresh Stash Jars 4oz

Canna Fresh Stash Jars 4oz

Ref: 5025121

"Our mission is simple," CannaFresh says. "Keep it Clean. Medical. Professional." When you pick up a CannaFresh jar, the sheer heft of it becomes obvious, even in the smallest sizes. This is thick glass, and these apothecary-style jars should last for years. Assorted Logo's, our choice

Price: $8.40


4" Twist Top Dugout, Assorted Designs DO-105

Ref: 4 Designed Dugout

Various Wood Inlay's, All Look Good, Our Choice, Great Price 4"t x 2 1/8"w x 5/8"
Comes with a 3" One Hitter Bat

Price: $9.95

Angle Torch 3.25

Angle Torch 3.25" Tall

Ref: Torch Liter 3.25

You could Cook Breakfast with this Baby, Refillable, Assorted Colors

Price: $2.95

Die Clip

Die Clip

Ref: Die Clip

Roach Clip with Die, Feeling Lucky Huh, Assorted Numbers, Our Choice

Price: $2.75

Ball Clip

Ball Clip

Ref: Ball-Clip

Ball Roach Clip with Key Chain Ring, Way Cool, Assorted Numbers, Our Choice

Price: $2.95

Randys Grinder Card

Randy’s Grinder Card

Ref: Card Grinder

This multi-textured grinder can grind herb fine, medium, course, or chunky.

Price: $5.95

Randys 78mm Rolling Machine

Randy’s 78mm Rolling Machine

Ref: 78Roller

Roll your Randy’s papers combined with your favorite herb with this rolling machine. Sold Individually

Price: $3.00