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Bongs Water Pipes

Glass Water Pipes & Bongs For Sale

Bongs; Check out our Glass Bongs selection. Glass Water Bong Smoking Pipes are perfect for group smoking. Large bowls and super thick glass makes a Glass Bong Water Pipe a perfect gift for any smoker. We ship in 2 - 5 Days We have secure servers and exchange zero customer information. We love our Bongs

Free Shipping - Minimum Order is $12.00

NEW 7.75

NEW 7.75" Regular Silicon Water Pipe

Ref: WP550

Fold it up and stick it in your pocket

Price: $22.50


NEW 6" Rasta Triple Donut Pipe

Ref: WP464

Price: $12.75

Minnow Portable Pocket Size Bong

Minnow Portable Pocket Size Bong


Portable Pocket Size Smoking Water Pipe 3 1/2" to Top of the removable Bowl, Build your own pipe bowls will go right on these

Price: $6.99

Minnow Portable Pocket Size Bong

Minnow Portable Pocket Size Bong


Portable Pocket Size Water Pipe 5" to Top of Bowl

Price: $8.99


5.5 " Basic Glass Water Pipe Bong

Ref: WP-455

5" Water Pipe Fat Stable Bottom, Glass Bowl, Very handy, Choice of Color

Price: $11.25


5" Clear Glass Water Pipe Bong


Sold Each, Handy Size, Order some glass screens to go with it, Build your own section

Price: $11.95


8" Heavy Wall Bubble Bong Water Pipe

Ref: WP437

This is a great looking Water pipe, has Recess to Hold Ice Cube's for a Real Cool Hit. Comes with several different logo's, Felix the Cat, YingYang, Cresent Moon, Dope, Supply is Very Limited, Choice is Ours. You Won't be Dissapointed

Price: $22.50


8" - 10" Acrylic Bong Water Pipe

Ref: wp300

Dimension : Various height (around 8-10"), Diameter 1.5"
Color : Various color assortments. Metal Tube and Removable Cone Bowl, Any Bowl from our Build Your Own will Screw onto down stem, Screw on a Jumbo Bowl for you Parties

Price: $16.50

 Swirl Bubbler 5.5

Swirl Bubbler 5.5" Long

Ref: BU345

Beautiful Swirl Design with a comfortable mouth piece, 75-85 Grams

Price: $13.50


3.75" Pocket Bubbler Beautiful Assorted Colors-

Ref: bu590

3.75" Pocket Bubbler (55g) Handy when you want a Cool Hit

Price: $9.75

Bongs History

Excavations of a kurgan in Russia in 2013 revealed that Scythian tribal chiefs used gold bongs 2400 years ago to smoke cannabis and opium. The kurgan was discovered when construction workers were clearing land for the construction of a power line.

The use of a water pipe bong for smoking was introduced in China during the late Ming Dynasty (16th century), along with tobacco, through Persia and the Silk Road. By the Qing Dynasty, it became the most popular method to smoke tobacco, but became less popular since the Republic era. While typically employed by commoners, the water pipe is known to have been preferred by Empress Dowager Cixi over snuff bottles or other methods of intake. According to the Imperial Household Department, she was buried with at least three water bong \ pipes; some of her collections can be seen in the Palace Museum.

The water pipe bong employed since the Qing dynasty can be divided into two types: the homemade bamboo bongs commonly made and used by country people, and a more elegant metal version employed by Chinese merchants, urbanites, and nobility. Metal utensils are typically made out of bronze or brass, the nobility version of silver and decorated with jewels. Typically, the metal version is made out of the following components:

The water pipe itself, a single-piece construct consisting of the bowl-stem, the water container, and a drawtube at least 3 inches, but some can be up to 12 inches in length. Some are straight with a "Joint" (Sandblasted top part of stem, usually about 1 inch long, and all the way around, tapered or cone shaped, so the tapered, or "cone shaped" bowl will fit in)some are bent to resemble a crane. The size of the bowl is similar to that of a one-hitter, typically the width of a thumbnail or smaller.
The tobacco container with a lid.
A pipe rack small enough to be held by one hand, and consisting of two large holes for the tobacco container and the water pipe. It may have smaller holes to hold various pipe tools.
During a smoking session, the user may keep all equipment inside the rack and just hold the entire assembly (rack, pipe, and container) in one hand, lighting the bowl with a slow-burning paper wick (??) lit over a coal stove. Unlike in North America and the Southern Hemisphere, the water pipe is typically employed by older generations.

Bongs & Water Pipes & Privacy

We offer Quality Bongs, Glass water pipes, and smoking accessories. Rest assured your privacy is our utmost concern. Your personal information is never shared with any third parties. We want you to be treated as we want to be treated with respect, and a total regard for privacy. Striving for excellence in customer service, privacy, and useful longlasting products. May your purchase be better than expected, delivered on time, at a reasonable price. We wish you and yours health, wealth, and Joy. Smoking Pipes Depot