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Glass Pipes

Glass Pipes

Check out our selection. Perfect for Stocking Stuffers. Large Smoking Bowls and super thick glass makes our Pipes a perfect gift for any smoker. We ship in 2 - 5 Days and always go with 2 Day Priority Mail where available. We have secure servers and exchange zero customer information. Your Privacy is our priority.

Total Shipping Charge is $6.95. Order all you want for the same cost.

Glass Screens  Sold Each

Glass Screens Sold Each

Ref: BS-5

Sold Each, If your tired of metal screens these are great, Just drop one in the Bottom, I won't go back to metal screens after using one, there really Great in glass pipes and Cone Bowls
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Price: $0.50



4" Black Tube Dichro

Ref: SP1712

Black with Color inserts, this thing is a real Beauty, you'll love it

Price: $14.50


4.5" Twisted

Ref: DEJA1

80 Grams, Nice Colors

Price: $10.95


4.5" Giant Fish

Ref: SP1599

115g WOW What a cool Pipe, No doubt that this looks like a fish, Very Heavy, Very Functional

Price: $18.50



5" Evil Eye

Ref: SP1281

Way Cool Pipe, Its hard to take your "eye" off of it, especially when its looking at you, Deep Subtle colors and designs, Very smooth mouth piece

Price: $17.50

2.75 Peanut Pipes

2.75 Peanut Pipes

Ref: sp504

Inexpensive pipe in Assorted colors, our choice

Price: $3.00


5" Parrot

Ref: SP1685

I've heard of people smoking a Duck but not a Parrot, the detail is great, your freinds will be blown away or should I say sucked away

Price: $18.90


6" Elephant King

Ref: SP-1308

I've heard of the Lion King but this is the Real King ,Beautiful Design, Black Only

Price: $15.95


2.5" - 2.75" MultiColor Ribbon

Ref: SP-157

Sharp Looking Pipes Assorted Colors, Our Choice

Price: $3.99


3.25" Rasta Fritty

Ref: SP-731

Great Rasta Colors and Quality, Nice bowl with a Carb hole

Price: $7.50


3.5" Too Good

Ref: SP1387

Beautiful Thick Glass with a Nice Mouth Piece, Approx 55g

Price: $6.95

3 1/2

3 1/2" Rasta Java

Ref: SP1381

Rasta Java Lava, Deep colors withe the Rasta Stripes

Price: $8.50

3 1/2

3 1/2" Viva La Carnival

Ref: SP1584

Assorted Colors, you won't be Dissapointed

Price: $9.50


3.75" Inside Out Square Pipe

Ref: sp709

Nobody will call you a Square when you pull this baby out, Thick Glass 78g

Price: $9.25


4" Dalmation

Ref: SP1475

You'll see Spots before and after using this baby

Price: $10.00


4" Fossil

Ref: sp1426

No picture will do these Justice, Gorgous Heavy 135 Grain with Unreal Glass Work

Price: $19.95


4.25" Headstand

Ref: SP1598

Beautiful Colors, Rod Work in Glass, Weights Approx 80 Grams

Price: $10.95

4 1/2

4 1/2" Juiper W/Rod Work

Ref: Deja-SP1344

Beautiful Rod Work, Great coloring, Thick 75g

Price: $12.25



Ref: GHP88

GHP88 3 1/2" Long Twisted in the center, Nice tapered mouth piece

Price: $11.50

GHP84 Glass Pipe

GHP84 Glass Pipe

Ref: GHP84

GHP84 3 1/4" Long, Just the right size, nice draw with carb hole

Price: $9.00

GHP65 Glass Pipe

GHP65 Glass Pipe

Ref: GHP65

GHP65 4" Long, Great Design, Striped color

Price: $9.25

GHP01A 5

GHP01A 5" Color Changing

Ref: GHP01A

Red Color Changing Glass Tobacco Pipe blown in the USA

Price: $10.50

GHP01B - 5

GHP01B - 5" Green Color Changing Glass bowl

Ref: GHP01-B

Green Color Changing Glass Tobacco Pipe blown in the USA

Price: $10.50

GHP01C 5

GHP01C 5" Color Changing

Ref: GHP01-C

BLUE Color Changing Glass Pipe blown in the USA

Price: $10.50